Our team delivers strategies, designs and logistic implementations to successfully overcome these frequent challenges

Higher number of orders smaller
and with a greater variety of items

Increase of cross dock operations
and higher pressure to reduce inventory

Increasing number of products
of different nature

Increasing demands on inventory
accuracy and traceability

Greater operations flexibility
throughout the supply chain

Taking management decisions in short time
and supported on “hard” information



Avoid surprises and have a smooth implementation without setbacks or cost overruns. Ensure the success of your logistics projects, relying their management to an experienced company. Prakxon uses a precise methodology that identifies and mitigates risks early

Increase the level of service and profitability, reducing costs and delivery times simultaneously, designing the quantity, location, size and operational strategy of all yot distribution centers

Implement a Supply Chain Management model that increases profitability and decreases excess and missing inventory

Reduce the costs of purchasing goods and services and increase competitiveness without sacrificing quality

Achieve the strategic goals of your Supply Chain department: 1) Increase Visibility, 2) Increase Velocity, 3) Reduce Variability, while managing the Variety (product mix) and Volume

Make the best outsourcing decissions when it comes to your Supply Chain and Logistics

Control and strategically manage the performance of your Supply Chain, designing a dashboard of strategic, operational and tactical indicators to measure (Supply Chain, Inventories, Transportation, Warehouses). Establish mechanisms for indicators to deploy concrete actions on their operations

Discover the level and type of automation suitable for your business and develop an integral strategy of technological adaptation. Design an intelligent implementation plan from the economic point of view and technological absorption capacity that has an early impact on your logistics operations

Distribution Centers

Count on a world-class storage and distribution operation, providing an extraordinary level of service to your customers

Optimize your distribution system by analyzing the convenience of using X-Dock strategies and design the platform from the point of view of infrastructure, systems, processes and personnel

Increase your income by incorporating E-bussiness / Ommichannel marketing strategies and adapt your entire logistic system (planning, warehouses, transport) to ensure a level of service according to the requirements of the channel

Increase your service level through the implementation and selection of the automation of your material handling system

Build an operation that takes the most decisions automatically, routinely, assertively, fluently, flexibly, and controlled. Analyze strategies for the shaping of shifts, schedules, processes, workload balancing, weekly dispatch scheduling, operational tactics (peaks), restructure dimensioning, infrastructure (doors), organizational structure, synchronization and integration with other areas, dynamics ff work, establishment and monitoring of goals and indicators

Achieve world-class operations with Prakxon’s operational excellence model. Develop a diagnosis of your processes, systems, personnel and infrastructure and implement an intelligent implementation plan that ensures the closure of gaps and a high impact in the short term

Get a smooth operation in your dispatch area, ensuring a synchronization that reduces waiting times, unnecessary peaks or the need to accumulate inventories, orders and / or trucks

Improve your ERI and take it to its maximum value, implementing the best practices of control, protection and custody of the inventory from the perspective of infrastructure, processes, personnel and systems


Optimize your distribution and transportation system from a comprehensive perspective (evolution and integration, operational model, management model, cost model, type, fleet dimensioning and configuration, tariff methods, operational models, contractual models, transport support technologies, Systems of management, management and advanced selection of suppliers)

Optimize your transportation system by discovering the appropriate strategic orientation (level of service), own vs. third parties, quantity by type of truck, rate method, type of contracting (fixed, variable) and supplier management

Make your transportation providers business partners by installing an advanced provider development program and establishing aligned relationships (contractual models, LSAs) with business objectives

Know the universe of IT solutions to support transport and its benefits and establish a plan for technological adaptation. Select the right software for fleet optimization and logistics planning

Strategically control and manage the performance of your transportation system, designing and implementing a dashboard of strategic, operational and tactical indicators to measure. Establish mechanisms for indicators to deploy concrete actions on their operations

Rationalize your fleet requirements and increase your service level, designing routes that minimize your costs and increase your service level. Prakxon has routing tools with the ability to create scenarios and analyze patterns and, at the same time, make it available for daily routing

Increase your service level by designing your distribution channels, manage the cost of serving, service levels, service frontiers, and the distribution channel transport strategy


Have a smooth implementation without setbacks or cost overruns. Form a multidisciplinary team in infrastructure (mechanical, civil, electrical), processes, systems and personnel. Prepare an assertive transition plan and ensure continuity and operational quality while developing your new CEDI. Optimize your costs and eliminate risks with your suppliers by carrying out a thorough, well-designed documentation purchasing process (RFQ) to enable your material handling equipment suppliers to understand your requirements

Implement a Dashboard of strategic, operational and tactical indicators to measure (Supply Chain, Inventories, Transport, Warehouses), according to your visual and technological requirements. Establish mechanisms for indicators to deploy concrete actions on their operations

Concrete your transportation savings, implementing the appropriate strategy for your distribution and transportation system

The demand for automation equipment requires specialized technical expertise that understands the implications in an integral way and knows the efforts to be carried out by the client and the supplier for a successful implementation. It is necessary that detailed documentation is drawn up and managed by expert personnel that closes the scope and ensures the understanding of the client’s requirements and protects it from cost

Involve functional experts in your WMS implementation team and ensure the use of all system capabilities from implementation, fluidity in the project and installation of best practices. It is necessary in the project team expert staff that knows the benefits and limitations of the WMS to be implemented

The complexity of implementing a CEDI and the challenge of maintaining continuity and operational quality are high. Prakxon guarantees the best possible scenario by designing a detailed transition plan and synchronizing its project methodology with small details that will ensure the implementation and service level.

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