Improve service level

Increase your demand planning assertiveness and improve inventory availability

Reduce distribution
and transportation costs

Simultaneously increase your service level

working capital tied up in inventory

Identify opportunities to free up resources
and improve your cash flow

a strategic sourcing model

Lowering goods and services purchasing costs without impacting quality

your supply chain performance

Permanently monitoring key performance indicators

Need to strengthen your Logistics team?

At Prakxon we operate areas you need to improve


As a provider of Fourth-Party Logistics we optimize and operate your supply chain, assuming all your processes and managing them in the long term. With Prakxon’s 4PL service you’ll quickly see savings in operating costs and world class services.


Eliminate exceeding and missing products from your inventory that diminish your competitivity and working capital

Manage your fleet, cost of service, service levels, service frontiers and your transportation strategy to meet the highest service standards

Control and strategically manage the performance of your processes by designing and implementing a tailor made dashboard of strategic, operational and tactical indicators.

Reach a world-class operation, with greater profitability and extraordinary levels of service

Gather and manage resources, capabilities and technologies that best suit your company to accomplish world class logistics

Turn your logistics department into a value creation center, innovating in services and reducing operating costs

Improve your daily decision making process with friendly, modular and adjustable tools that will help you respond agilely to market’s constant changes.

Routing.Reduce your product distribution costs.
Fleet set-up. Optimize the number of needed units and rates.
Transportion simulation. Discover the impact of your transportation decisions before implementing them.
Chain planning. Decide optimal levels of inventory to accomplish your commercial planning at minimum costs.
KPI management. Permanent and real time monitoring of every stage of your supply chain.
Slotting. Reduce costs by optimizing your product position in distribution centers
MHE Design. Deliver high service levels by implementing the best material handling engineering design.
Data Insights. Achieve sustainable competitive advantages by managing your supply chain decisions based on a rigorous statistical analysis

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